Board of directors

RATHENDRA NATH PAUL - Managing Director

Rathendra Nath Paul is the Managing Director of RFL for last 10 years. He has been involved with RFL for over 18 years. Mr. Paul completed his graduation and post-graduation from Dhaka University in accounting in the year of 1996. He was the Chief Finance Officer at RFL before he became the director of our company. Some of his responsibilities include managing the business units of RFL subsidiaries, coordinating with the department heads; maintaining dealer customer relationship and overseeing the export division of RFL. Mr. Paul applies the elements of 3I (Intelligence, Integrity and Intensive Work) to perform as a successful business leader in our organization. During his involvement as a director, RFL has experienced huge diversification and expansion and has gained the status of one of the leading companies in the nation. He thinks that success can be achieved by perseverance, hard work, strong determination and dedication


Mr. Ahsan Khan Chowdhury is performing his role as Chief Executive Officer of PRAN-RFL Group since 1992. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Wartburg College, USA. Earlier he was the President of International Student Association in USA during his education. After returning to Bangladesh, he joined in the board of Directors of Rangpur Foundry Ltd. He attended many training sessions, seminars, and courses on Management Development, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Sales & Marketing in home and abroad. Being one of the business leaders of the country he achieved many recognition for his excellence in export. Currently he is an active member of Premier Trade Bodies, Associations & clubs in Bangladesh.