Beautiful Bangladesh



Bangladesh is the most densely populated country of the world with a total population of 150 million where per capita income is USD $ 540, along with Economic growth of 6%. The country is primarily depending on agriculture but gradually transforming industrial structure. The major components of the industrial sectors are Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Agro Products, Ceramics, Frozen foods, Plastics etc.


The Sundarbans are the largest coastal mangrove belt in the world, extending 80km (50mi) into the Bangladeshi locality from the coast. The Sundarbans cover an area of 38,500 sq km, of which about one-third is covered in water. Since 1966 the Sundarbans have been a wildlife sanctuary, and it is estimated that there are now 400 Royal Bengal tigers and about 30,000 spotted deer in the area. Over 120 species of fish and over 260 species of birds have been recorded in the Sundarbans.


Bangladesh has flourished herself as a beautiful country around the world due to its unlimited natural beauty like the longest sea beach in Cox’s bazaar, the largest mangrove forest & the royal Bengal tiger in Sundarbans. Also you can see the ancient archaeological site.


Its beauty lies in its unique natural surroundings. It is also the land for the conventional holiday makers who desire to rest or roam around at will to refresh their mind and feast their eyes with the rich treasure that nature has so lovingly bequeathed. So it’s a place where you can get both your business & enjoyable trip to see the beautiful Bangladesh.